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H.B.Y full body detoxification Cleanse

H.B.Y full body detoxification Cleanse.


(It is recommended that you fast while using these herbs to cleanse and heal your body. Fruit/veggieJuice fast,  water fast etc. you can not cleanse your body Out while continuing to put food in. If you must eat make sure you are eating a raw food diet while trying to cleanse!)

Regular dosage:1 teaspoon of herb per cup of water

Strong dosage: 1 tablespoon of herb per cup of water

Bring distilled water to a boil add herbs and a low boil for two hours

Assess tolerance 

4 ounces- three to four times a day atleast every 2-3 hours apart.

Followed with at least 8oz - 12 oz of distilled water 5-10 mins after consuming.

For more serious aliments, ONLY If the body is acclimated, can go to 6 ounces three times a day

 (Although Sometimes less is more)

(caution extremely bitter. Add lemons limes ginger, Mint etc for better taste. The most powerful herbs on earth are extremely bitter)


 Brickle Bush Hamula 

Origin: Mexico


Stimulates pancreas secretions.

Reduces blood sugar levels and 

motivates fat digestion in the gallbladder

While improving Stomach and digestive issues.

Very Anti Diabetic.



Origin: Mexico



Potent anti-inflammatory treats rheumatoid arthritis.

Has shown to be active against harmful bacteria.

Been used to treat syphilis.

Anti-C antitumor properties.

Protecting the liver.

Improving the bioavailability of the other supplements.


 Herbe du Teigneux (Burdock family)

Origin: Cold Climate Mountain ranges of northern China


Cleansing of the liver and lymphatic system.

Eliminates toxins through the skin.

 Filters inorganic impurities through and out of the bloodstream.

Major blood purifier.


 Rhamnaceae Cascara Sagrada

Origin: Eastern Africa


Causes muscle contractions and the intestine that helps move stool through the bowels.

Stimulates liver and pancreas secretions.

Helps soothe and heal the intestinal walls.


 Rhubrab Root

Origin: Cold Climate Mountain ranges of northern China


Highly effective laxative.

Helps to improve tone and health of digestive track.

Cleanses heavy metals and kills harmful bacteria.



Origin: Mexico


Cleanses lymphatic system.

Claims and repairs gallbladder.

Clears have a metal from the blood.

Helps treat diabetes.


 Dandelion Root

Origin: Temperate Asia

 Cleanses kidneys, gallbladder and blood.

Dissolve kidney stones.

Provides relief from liver disorders, diabetes, urinary disorders and Highly rich in calcium.



Origin: Coraita

 Immune booster.

Removes mucus from upper respiratory system and lungs.

Increases urine flow.

Induces sweating.

Kills flulike symptoms.


 Verbascum Thapsus Woolly Mullein

(Moses Blanket)

Origin: North Africa (Morocco)


Cleanses and removes mucus from the lungs.

Removes mucus from the small intestines.

Activates lymph detoxification circulation in the chest and neck.


 Rumex Crispus

Origin: Western Asia


 Used for acute and chronic inflammation of the nasal passages and respiratory tract.

 Used To treat sinusitis, Scurvy and other skin eruptions and infections.

Used as an astringent for hemorrhoids and pulmonary bleeding

Remedy for jaundice and a tonic for the stomach.

Used to build up the blood. It is also used for female fertility problems.

Adjuvant in antibacterial therapy.

 liver tonic.

blood cleanser/purifier.

 digestive tonic.


 Blessed Thistle 

Origin: Coraita


Helps with Dyspepsia (indigestion).

Loss of appetite (appetite stimulant).

Digestive aid.


 Liver and gall-bladder disorders.

 To increase a mother’s milk after pregnancy.

 Migraine, painful menstruation, sluggish circulation, gastro-intestinal issues and cholestasia.


 Nettle root

Origin: Coraita


Minimizing the levels of inflammatory chemicals found in the body, and in interfering the transmission of pain signals.

Dependable diuretic to decrease bathroom urges.



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