Cerebroptim Namur- Optimizes and builds a healthy glutamate brain system

Cerebroptim Namur- Optimizes and builds a healthy glutamate brain system

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Cerebroptim Namur is a cognition enhancer, which builds a healthy glutamate brain system. Namur is formulated of top tier amino acids. It greatly improves neuronal plasticity, memory, integrative brain functioning, attention, speech, emotional reactions, and behavior. 

Children and adults can take Namur along with Niox and Relasma. Namur supports a vegan lifestyle. Namur curbs, cravings for the animal products. 

Namur specific benefits are: 

  • Lowered impulsiveness
  • Improved self-organization 
  • Improved ability to set priorities and goals
  • Improved ability to plan 
  • Enhanced focus on particular tasks
  • Improved ability to multitask 
  • Decreased emotional frustration 
  • Good and Stable mood
  • Evened tamper 
  • Enhanced ability to cope with life, work and studying stress
  • Noticeable memory health
  • Improved verbal fluency  
  • Faster capacity to learn and use new words, languages, data
  • Improved reasoning and problem solving 
  • Improved body coordination 
  • Improved mental energy and productivity 
  • Improved social contacts 
  • Improved communication capacity 
  • Resilience to stress

Cerebroptim Namur is different. Most nootropics available, unlike Cerebroptim short term stimulants which do not create lasting effects. Cerebroptim improves neuronal connections on a long term basis and builds a sustainable healthy brain. 

The effect from taking Cerebroptim Namur can be experience after consuming a full jar. The 4-6 capsules are to be taken daily. We recommend consuming 3-4 jars per year solely, or in combination with Cerebroptim Niox and Cerebroptim Relasma. 

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