Cerebroptim Relasma- Optimizes and builds a healthy GABA brain system

Cerebroptim Relasma- Optimizes and builds a healthy GABA brain system

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Cerebroptim Relasma is a cognition relaxer, which builds a healthy GABA brain system. Relasma builds your brain while you sleep. It will restore, slow down, and support your long term brain function. 

Relasma specific benefits are: 

*Improved long term memory 

*Improved memorization of new experiences 

*Improved storage, retention and recollection of memories

*Improved speech function

*Sped up language learning capacity 

*Improved learning and memorizing performance

*Assimilation of large amounts of new information 

*Improved sleep during times of high stress

*Improved relaxation during times of high stress

*Healthy brain rejuvenation 

*Improved healthy blood flow to the brain

*Whole body relaxation 

*Feeling of wellbeing, completion, and happiness 

*Decreased sadness, irritability, and negative thought

*Improved emotional state and reactions

*Improved healthy body motor function 

*Sense of consciousness and awareness 

*Sense of stability and presence 

*Improved healthy intellect 

Cerebroptim Relasma is different in a lasting effect on a GABA-ergic neuromediatoric brain system. Most nootropics available, unlike Cerebroptim, are short term stimulants that do not create lasting results. Cerebroptim improves neuronal connections on a long term basis and builds a sustainable healthy brain. 

Cebroptim RelaThe effect from taking Cerebroptim Relasma can obe experienced after consuming a full jar. Take Relasma in the PM, ideally after 4 PM. The 4-6 capsules are to be taken daily. We recommend consuming 3-4 jars per year solely, or in combination with Cerebroptim Niox and Cerebroptim Relasma. It is better to consume Namur and Niox in the morning (AM), and relasma in the afternoon or evening PM.

  • The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not supposed to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.